Welcome to Department of HAS

Prof Raj Kumar

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences.

The department aim is to provide a strong establishment in the fundamental sciences and humanities. The department takes care of core subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environment Sciences, English, Management Studies and Economics. The department has competent and knowledgeable faculty and well equipped laboratories i.e. BTech (Physics Laboratory),BSc(Physics Laboratory), MSc (Physics Laboratory) and MSc (Mathematics Laboratory). The Department is running  new PG courses in Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Mass Communication & journalism. The Department acquainted the graduate, post graduate and research students so that to have ability and to choose successful careers in engineering, technology, as well as every aspect of science, computer science, technology, mathematics, physics, environmental studies and research. The main aim of the Department is to the provide education that allows students to be creative, adaptive, and well-rounded scientific and technical leaders who ultimately find employment in industry, academia, and government.

I wish a success to all students for better future.

Prof Raj Kumar [Know More]

Dean & Chairman