Equity Action Plan

 equity action plan


1 To identify weaknesses in all students and take remedial steps Organised bridge courses/remedial teaching (e.g. extra classes, tutorials ) YMCAUST, FBD  In the  beginning of each semester; remedial measures carried out continuously , Diagnostic test and plans to be prepare at the beginning of each sem.  students transiting from First to Second year 
2 To improve language competency, soft skills and confidence levels Guidance tools such as FDP, Seminars and Workshop for teachers to transact with students to improve the competency levels.  YMCAUST, FBD Continuous   first and second year students
3 Institution to improve non-cognitive and soft skills including communication and presentation skills through their wide use in curricula / project based work, and where needed, to provide special skills training to students with priority to the weak students

Experts discussion or sessions with external experts/ consultants

YMCAUST, FBD Continuous Improvement in job placement of students 
4 Give under-qualified priority in opportunities to upgrade their domain knowledge Promote faculty to part time PhD
Conducting professional development programme for Faculty Development Plan, WORKSHOP, Seminars

Increases in percentage of PHd degree faculty members
Increases number of students transition from first to second year

5 Training  in subject matter and pedagogy particularly to improve the performance of weak students Conduct awareness programme, organise domain training , understanding of equity and equality .
industrial visit, Industry institute interaction activities, Training plan is to be made and accordingly faculty of the University
YMCAUST, FBD Every six month and remedial actions on continuous basis  Percent of planned training completed as reported  in 6th months 
6 Make campuses physically and socially gender- friendly; especially  provide adequate and suitable facilities  to women and faculty Counselling facility to students
friendly campus—both 'soft' actions, and civil works
YMCAUST, FBD Action plan made time to time At the time of IDP and actions implemented as proposed According to action plan 
7 Hold innovation and Knowledge Sharing Workshops yearly to improve knowledge sharing

organize thematic workshops with thematic focus


Number of thematic workshops organised


Sharing information and knowledge about engineering courses and institutions

By organising rural camps at the school level in the rural area to share information and knowledge about engg. education  YMCAUST, FBD Yearly  Increases number of students from rural areas 

Provide appropriate infrastructure for physically challenged students

 By constitute a committee of students representative and faculty members
roviding ramps, lifts, toilets and hostel facilities
 YMCAUST, FBD  By the Action plan   By the action plan

Special efforts for training/ internship/ placement of weak students

 Establishing industry institute partnership promotion cells
Shortlisting alumni members working in reputed firms
By greater networking with industry
 YMCAUST, FBD  Continuous  By monitoring placement record 

A two tier grievance redress mechanism (GRM)

 EAP coordinator will become grievance redressal officer publicise widely, an email address   YMCAUST, FBD  Continuous  No. of complain received and time taken to address grievances 

Ensure that institutional mechanisms to protect and address the needs and concerns of women students are established.

 By making gender committee
Counselling to needy female students 
 YMCAUST, FBD  Continuous  Establish of gender committee 

Peer Learning Groups of students

 Develop peer learning groups of 10-12 student  YMCAUST, FBD  Continuous  Improvement in student performance and improved transition from first to second year 

Appointing Student Mentors and Faculty Advisers for Students

 Assigning Student mentors for 6-8 junior students and Appointing Faculty Advisers for 10- 15 Students  YMCAUST, FBD  Continuous  

Satisfactory progress in implementation of the proposed activities and achievements of targets

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