List of MoUs

MoU signed in the deptt./ industry for last three years:

• MOU signed with Kenyatta University for Strengthening and streamlining research in scientific and technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Bharat.( 18.04.2016-17.04.2021)

• MOU signed with Research for Resurgence Foundation, Nagpur for research, innovation and creativity among students. (24.07.2017-23.07.2022)

• Subscription agreement was made with Elsevier under which Each authorised users may access, search, download, view, print, store the subscribed product for authorised user’s own personal use only.( 13.03.2015-31.12.2016)

• MOU signed with Venture7 Pvt. Ltd. The delegates from company will conduct practical trainings, seminars, competitions, and technical courses to help students to gain skills and become industry ready. The industry persons will enable students to work on Industry products/projects assignments of Second Party and/or their customers.(20.02.2015-19.02.2020)

• Understanding with Shodhganga (UGC). Provide access to ETD hosting server(s) at the INFLIBNET Centre 'Shodhganga/ Shodhgangotri' to the University with accompanied software interface enabling University/ its student to create metadata and upload their theses and dissertations in ETD repositories designed for this purpose. The INFLIBNET will take the responsibility of keeping the data intact and usable, keep back-up of the data so as to avoid its loss. Provide guidelines, technical standards and specifications for digitization of Ph.D. theses submitted to the university in past and for theses not available in computerized machine-readable format. (Nov 2014-Unlimited Period)

• MOU signed with NULUX .The Company will provide 10 gm gold medal to the topper of MBA w.e.f batch 2013-2015.( 4.08.2015-03.08.2017)

• MOU signed with Danfoss. Research and analysis on refrigerant and expansion valves has been started using the refrigeration kit supplied by Danfoss.(28.02.2014-Unlimited Period)

• MOU signed with McGraw Hill. Permitted to access the secure the secure network from within the institution’s premises for work or study.( 01.06.2015- 31.12.2016)

• MOU signed with Daikin Air conditioning India Private Limited ((DAIPL). The purpose of this MOU is to enable the parties to enter into a non-exclusive collaborative relationship for the purpose of furthering their common interestes of imparting training related to HVAC system. The University has setup Centre of Excellence(CoE) in collaboration with Danfoss under the theme "Climate and Energy".(03.08.2016- 02.08.2019)

• MOU signed with Greymeter Services Private Limited New Delhi. Greymeter has developed a software that provides suite for Placement management & alumni interaction. University will provide all necessary information to Greymeter during setup and configuration of the software.( 18.02.2016- 17.02.2021)

• MOU signed with Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University (HVSU) to offer Skill Development Program to Saksham Registered youth undergoing saksham skill certified program and courses in cyber and network Security.( 24.07.2017-23.07.2020)

• MOU signed with Inter University Accelerator Centre to promote Academic interaction between IUAC and YMCAUST to create means of co-operative efforts between the two institutes to effect academic collaboration through joint PHD student sharing.( 10.10.2017- 9.10.2020)

• MOU signed with CSIR (Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani) Rajasthan, India to provide assistance in the area of teaching, research, exchange of Faculty and students, cultural exchange and staff development, as deemed beneficial by the two institutions.( 27.04.2017-26.04.2020)

• MOU signed with Semi-Conductor Laboratory Department of Space "Govt. of India" for exchanging of Staff and Student (Faculty & Research Scholars; Under Graduate, Post graduate & Doctoral Students and Research Project Employees) regarding Academics and Research for the mutual benefit of both institutions.( 22.05.2017-21-05-2027)

• MOU signed with United Technologies Corportion India Pvt. Ltd. (Pratt & Whiteny India Trainning Center) to explore collaboration on developing aviation aerospace related courses that may be offered by PWITC to complements the existing course curriculum being offered by the university, with an ultimate aim of enhancing the employability of students and bridging the gap of skilled manpower in the aerospace & aviation sectors & supporting " Skill India “initiative of the Government of India.( 19.07.2017-18.07.2019)

• MOU signed with Confederation of Indian Industry & Bhiwadi Manufactures Association for recognising the importance of industry Academia partnership to primarily improve the quality of technical education and potentially contribute towards developing industry.( 24.05.2017-23.05.2018)

• MOU signed with Mahindra Telephonic Integrated Systems Ltd., Palwal (HR) for Recognizing the importance of research and development in the related areas, as well as imparting industrial training to the engineering/ technology/ management students, etc.( 02.05.2017-01.05.2022)

• MOU signed with NSIC-Technical Services Centre, NEEMKA, for imparting industry centric, demand oriented training for skill / entrepreneurship development to address the demand of skilled manpower in the industry.( 15.05.2018-14.05.2019)

• MOU signed with Yamaha Motor Solutions (INDIA) Private Limited for providing Academic Interface Programme (“AIP”), under which student and teacher communities of YMCAUST will take training through workshops and student internships programs. (20.04.2018-19.04.2019)

• MOU signed with Ador Welding Limited, India's pioneer-leader in the welding industry. Ador Welding limited has been a major supplier of a variety of welding consumables, equipment and systems for over half a century. The MOU will explore collaboration on welding, cutting, consumables, power sources and accessories.( (20.04.2018-19.04.2019)

• MOU signed with Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd. to initiate vocational training activities. Godrej will partner with YMCA University for imparting training in various occupational areas in India. G & B and YMCAUST, Faridabad are committed to the social cause; hence this partnership is made to achieve the objective of Godrej Disha. G & B and YMCA University henceforth will jointly offer the technical training courses in new centre, in agreement. (20.04.2018-19.04.2019)

• MOU signed with Ambedkar Institute of Technology for recognizing the importance of research and development.(04.06.2018-03.06.2019)

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