Objectives of Community College


The main objectives of the community college are:

(i) To make higher education relevant to the learner and the community;

(ii) To integrate relevant skills into the higher education system;

(iii) To provide skill based education to students currently pursuing higher education but actually interested in entering the workforce at the earliest opportunity;

(iv) To provide employable and certifiable skills based on National Occupational Standards (NOSs) with necessary general education to Senior Secondary School pass-outs, with general education and /or vocational education background.

(v) To provide for up-gradation and certification of traditional / acquired skills of the learners irrespective of their age;

(vi) To provide opportunities for community–based life-long learning by offering courses of general interest to the community for personal development and interest;

(vii) To provide opportunity for vertical mobility to move to higher education in future.

(viii) To offer bridge courses to certificate holders of general / vocational education, so as to bring them at par with appropriate NSQF level.

(ix) To provide entrepreneurial orientation along with required skill training for self-employment and entrepreneurship development.

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