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Facilities in Hostel:

(a)   One reading room in each boys’ and girls’ hostel with newspapers and magazines.

(b)   Shift canteen in Girls hostel.

(c)   One common room in girls’ hostel and two common rooms in boys’ hostel with LED TVs.

(d)   Table Tennis room in boys’ hostel.

(e)   Wifi facility available in all hostels.

(f)    All hostels have independent warden for proper administration and discipline.

(g)   Water coolers fitted with RO are provided.

(h)  All hostels are under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and security guards.

(i)    Separate officers’ mess for staff and guests of staff & students.

(j)     The hostels are provided with carom board, chessboard, and skipping rope for recreation & entertainment of the residents within hostel premises.

(k) Guest room in girls’ hostel for female relatives of students.


Facilities in Girls Hostel:
1) Reading room, common room, Guest room, Waiting lounge, gymnasium
2) Badminton court and basket ball ground along with open spaces attached to each wing
3) Shift canteen and tuc shop
4) Induction cooktops, gysers,RO water purifiers,CCTV cameras.
5) Wi-Fi
6) Sports and Recreation facility
7) First Aid and Ambulance
6) Separate wardens for each wing,lady guards,resident attendant

Mess/Hostel Rules:

1.    All the University hostel messes are run on contract basis and are supervised by the mess committees. The Convenor of the mess committee and its members are nominated from among the residents of hostels for a fixed period by the warden and the mess committees should ordinarily be changed after every two/three months.

2.    Ragging in any form in the university/ hostel/mess is illegal and banned as per an act of Govt. of India. In case of disciplinary action against a student physical presence/undertaking of parents (only) will be valid. Uncles, brothers/sisters/cousins will not be entertained

3.    All the residents are expected to take their meals in the hostel mess.

4.    All the residents must carry their hostel i-card to the mess while taking meal, failing which they are first warned and then fined according to hostel rules.

5.    Meals will be served only in the dining hall during the hours notified. However, in case of illness meals can be served in the room, on the recommendation of the Medical Officer of the University.

6.    Residents will not go into the cooking area.

7.    Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited.

8.    No resident shall take meals from the mess to which he / she do not belong. A member is not permitted to take food in place of another member.

9.    The hours of meals will ordinarily be

Breakfast                 07.15 am        to     08.55 am

Lunch                       12:00 pm       to     02:00 pm

Dinner                       07:30 pm      to     09.30 pm

These are subject to changes with the consent of the Wardens/ Additional Chief Warden.

10. Under no circumstances, members are allowed to take cups, saucers, tumblers and other utensils of the hostel mess to their rooms/lawns outside.

11. Students are expected to maintain perfect discipline and order in the dining halls during dining hours. They are normally not allowed to enter the kitchen and help themselves. If extra food is required, they must ask the concerned person serving extras. All diners are expected to wear decent dresses in the dining halls.

12. Residents of the hostels have to pay the monthly mess bills upto 12th of every month falling which the fine of Rs.10/- per day will charged. Also no rebate will be given to the defaulters.

13. Students are not allowed in the mess to take meals in knickers, shorts or exposed legs.

14. The residents of the hostel have to pay the hostel and mess charges at the Indian Overseas Bank, YMCA UST, Faridabad using a triplicate challan as issued to them by Mess Clerk.

15. The Parent/Guardian may directly pay the hostel dues of the ward through Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Chief Hostel Warden”. In case, the amount paid is more than the dues of the ward, the excess amount will be credited to the mess account of the student concerned. Payment by cheque will not be accepted.

16. “No Dues Certificate" will be issued from the hostel only to those students who have cleared all the dues to the hostel. The chief warden will report to the Registrar the names of the defaulters of the hostel dues for further action.

17. After examination before leaving the hostel the residents should submit the photocopy of “No Dues Slip” signed by hostel attendant & hostel I-card to their respective warden. The slip is checked before allotting the hostel in next session.

18. The procedure for taking permission to take part in extra-curriculum activities is as follows:-

   i.       The students should write a request letter (Hostel wise) and sign it from the Staff Coordinator of the activity.

  ii.       The warden of respective hostel clearly write either it is recommended or not recommended.

 iii.       The ACW (Boys/Girls) send it to the Proctor/Chief Warden of the University for the proper security of the participating students.

  iv.       After the allowed time the respective warden should ensure that either all the students returned to the hostel or not.

In case of any problem the Warden may contact ACW (Boys/Girls)/Chief Warden/ Proctor.

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