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Nataraja Club has two parts representing different genre of dance styles. These are:

  • Western: It includes the western dance styles like hip.hop, freestyle, popping, locking, belly dancing etc.
  • Folk: It includes various folk dances of Indian states like bhangra, giddha, haryanvi along with Indian classical dances like kathak and bharatnatyam.


Various functions of the club are:

  • Arranging proper practice and rehearsal sessions for the students.
  • Participating in different events like solos, duets and group dances, so as to provide proper exposure and experience.
  • Organizing various types of dance events during the cultural fest.
  • Encouraging all sorts of dancing styles and learning about them as much as possible.
  • Participation in dance competitions in cultural fests organized in other colleges.

Events and Activities (2015-16)

The following are the events/activities of the club:






Rakzz (western group dance competition)

YMCAUST Faridabad



YMCAUST Faridabad



YMCAUST Faridabad


Dance your heart out(solos and duos)

YMCAUST Faridabad


YMCA Bhangra Team

Shaurya, CRPF Training Institute, VasantKunj, New Delhi


Western group dance competition

IIT Delhi


Western group dance competition



Folk dance competition

NCU, Gurgaon



Events and Activities (2016-17)


The following are the events/activities of the club:


  • Performance at Reizo’17: The members of Nataraja presented a dance performance during the Fresher’s Party.Reizo’17.
  • Performance during NAAC visit: The members of Nataraja performed in the cultural events presented during the NAAC visit.
  • Performance during Elements Culmyca’17: The members of this club performed during the annual cultural and technical fest Elements Culmyca’17.
  • Organised various dancing events during Elements Culmyca’17: Nataraja organised various dancing events like Footloose, Dance your heart out, Folklore, Rakzz, Welcome Dance and Flashback.


Outside Participation:

  • Presented western dance at Rendezvous’17, IITD.
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