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The following are the events/activities of the club:


Events and Activities (2015- 16)


  • Winner at Angel Hacks 2015, Delhi, rewarded with Mozilla phone.
  • Qualified for ACM ICPC regional, Kolkata. Secured rank 42 amongst various colleges all over India.
  • Winner at Code for India 2015, won cash prize of Rs.10000.
  • Successfully launched The Assignment Portal ( used for online submission and evaluation of assignments.
  • Launched Rift: Multilanguage IDE Independent Compiler & Debugger for windows OS.

Events and Activities (2016- 17)

Programming Boot Camp with Coding Ninja. 13 Aug'16

A session was organized for the beginners in programming, for those who needed a push to kickstart with coding. Speakers included graduates from IIT Delhi and Stanford, Ex Employee of Amazon, recruiter at Amazon. The session was open for every student of the college. An overwhelming participation was witnessed, crowd was so much, that it was difficult to accommodate it. But finally everyone was provided seats and refreshments.

Importance of Problem Solving in cracking Tech Interviews. 25 Sept'16. Since most of us face problems in applying logics to problem solving questions, Manan organized a workshop on role problem solving by Chandan Singh, alumni of YMCA, ex.member of Manan, Exemployee of Hackerearth, currently working in Amazon and founder of Codeshala. The session turned out to be very interactive.

Introduction To Programming: 19 Oct'16

Aimed at making First year students familiar with programming in C, covered topics like data types, Strings, Arrays etc.

 Workflow of Xunbao: 26 Nov'16

The session was conducted to solve the queries about development of an online treasure hunt Xunbao.
Session on Stl: 11 Dec'16

The session focused on the basics of Standard template library, and its applications. Session covered vectors, pairs and maps.

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