Students Welfare Cell

Various functions of the club are:

  • Works on boosting up confidence
  • Free classes for poor students
  • Tree plantation
  • Organize events that create awareness about various social reformers and freedom fighters
  • Connects the modern India with ancient India
  • Inculcate the feeling of patriotism by organizing various programs
  • Promotes Indian culture and philosophy
  • Motto is to spread teachings of youth role model “Swami Vivekananda “
  • Conveys social messages by organizing various Dramatics programs like Nukkad, Play etc.
  • “Nasha Mukti” video was uploaded by Vivekananda Manch which was appreciated by all
  • Organizes events for rejuvenation like ZUMBA
  • Organizes GDs for club members and other students for overall personality development

The following are the events/activities of the club:


Events and Activities (2015- 16)

  • Bhagat Singh Jayanti
  • Nutan chhatrabhinandan
  • Gender Championship
  • Hindu Nav Varsh
  • Yuva Sammelan.inter college debate competition, essay writing competition, quiz competition
  • Declamation competition on “Geeta Jayanti”
  • Raahgiri
  • Deshbhakti kishaam“Atulya Bharat” play
  • Youth convention function
  • Tree Plantation

Events and Activities (2016- 17)

  • Organised Conference on National Education Policy and its challenges: Conference was held in ymca university in collaboration with Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal on the given topic. Chief guest was Shri Mukul Kanitkar Joint organizing secretory of bhartiya shikshan mandal.
  • Organised Bhartiya nav varsh: On 28 March 2017, Event was celebrated by welcoming students at university gate with indian custom and tradition.
  • Performed in Elements Culmyca’17: The students of Vivekananda Manch presented a skit based on soldier’s life during Elements Culmyca.
  • Performed in cultural programme during NAAC visit: A skit was performed by the club members in the cultural programme during NAAC visit.
  • Coordinated in shaheedi diwas celebrations: Event was organised to remember the great Indian freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev in the university premises on March 22nd
  • Coordinated in Youth Convention’17: To mark Swami Vivekananda’s 154th birthday Vivekanand manch, social and cultural club of the YMCA university of Science and Technology organised Youth Convention Convention was three day event focusing on youth related issues. The goal of the event was to motivate youth towards social services which are essential to face challenges in life.
  • Coordinated Nutan chhatra abhinandan: In order to welcome the first year students, Vivekanand Manch organized   “Nutan Chhaatra Abhinandan”, a cultural event to provide guidance to first year students about further college life.  The event was strategically organized in CV RAMAN HALL, Boys Hostel. Sh. Gangashankar Ji, Senior Scientist (IOCL) and famous social activist was invited as chief guest for the prestigious event. Other invited guests included Sanjay Kumar (Registrar, YMCAUST), Mr. Munish Vashishth(Proctor, YMCAUST), Mr. Vikas Turk(Chief Hostel Warden) and Mr. Pradeep Dimri (Coordinator, Vivekanand  Manch) on September 28,2017.
  • Organised and Coordianted a seminar on Character building and human development: Vivekanand Manch  organized a seminar in which Atul Kothari was the chief guest and the seminar was on character building and human development on September 22, 2017.
  • Organised and coordinated seminar on Emerging India in world panorama: Vivekananda Manch of the university organized a lecture on the topic “Vishwa paridrishya me ubharata bharat” i.e. Emerging India in World Panorama. Prominent expert Sh. Ravi Ayyer who has authored many books and is an expert in Vedic mathematics and Indian economy delivered the lecture, which showed them true picture of Indian education.
  • Performance on the foundation day: In order to remember their lives, Vivekanand Manch enacted a skit named “Inquilab : Ek Soch” on Fondation Day of the university. Play described many historical events like Simon Commission protests, Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre, Hanging of Bhagat Singh and comrades on September 16, 2016.
  • Organised and coordinated a workshop on Yuva prerna pratiyogita: "Yuva Prerna Pratiyogita",a motivational workshop organised by our club on 9th of September, 2016.Basically this workshop motivate us to direct the unguided youth so that they can achieve their respective goals in all aspects of life.

 Self Study Report(SSR) for NAAC Accreditation 

Videos of NAAC Visit from 13 to 15 Oct. 2016: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

NAAC Accreditation Report

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