Students Welfare Cell

The following are the events/activities of the club:


Events and Activities (2015- 16)

  • Engineers Day Quiz
  • Foundation Day
  • Organized inauguration ceremony of “Danfoss: Centre of Excellence”. Projects by members were also exhibited at the event.
  • A tour to Autokriti 7.0 was organized.
  • Workshop on robotics and RC planes was organized.
  • A team including club members secured 9th rank all over India in e. yantra robotics competition organized by IIT Bombay.
  • A team exclusively of club members secured 1st position in rob soccer event in Manav Rachna University, Faridabad

Events and Activities (2016- 17)

  • 50th Haryana Day:

On the occasion of celebration of 50th Haryana day Mechnext revised the second addition of e-magazine “Saksham”. The theme of magazine was Growth of Industrial and Technical Institutions of Haryana in Last 50 Years.

  • 2017:

Mechnext volunteer the 3rd national conference on Trends and Advances In   Mechanical Engineering – 2017.

  • Make In India Logo:

On the occasion of Elements Culmyca .17 Mechnext presented a mascot on Make in India made from scraps.

  • Robowar :

This event was held on 24 March 2017 Day 1 of Culmyca.17 at reception front. In this event robo cars were made to fight with each other. An arena in the shape of circular wrestling met was made and there were different points for different zone of the arena. To remain in yellow zone 3 points were allotted to hit the opponent boat 2 points were allotted and to make the opponent boat to go in red zone 1 point were allotted. There were three rounds of 2 minutes each and the match was won by that team who would win 2 rounds out of three.

  • Take Off :

This |event was to test the aerodynamics skills of the participants. In this event one had to make a remote control plane on the principles of aerodynamics.  The time of flight was the criteria of judgment. The plane which would have designed by the principle of aerodynamics would remain more in the air and must had less weight. This event was held on Day 2 of Culmyca.17 in main ground.

  • Cadmania :

This event was to judge the designing skills of a participant. A problem drawing had to be made on Autocad software in minimum time and by using less command. Software installed laptops were provided to the participants. This event was held in conference hall on Day 2 of Culmyca.17 at 3:00pm.  In this event there was a lot of participation not only from YMCAUST but from other colleges like DCTM College.

  • Techexpo :

This event was held on last day of Culmyca.17 Day.3. In this event there was a project exhibition based on science and technologies. This event was organized by two technical clubs mechnext and samarpan. Dr. Arvind Gupta, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering  YMCAUST, Faridabad was the judge of the event.

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