Students Welfare Cell

The following are the events/activities of the club:


Events and Activities (2015- 16):

  • Participation in Olympiad conducted by Metazoan on 27th February 2k15 which was attended by more than 150 people.
  • Organized a seminar on 'Career in VLSI design' which had a participation of above 100.
  • Ethical Hacking Workshop on 6th November 2k15 was enjoyed and praised by everyone who attended it. It also had a participation of above 80.
  • And "Electronics for you” seminar by EFY to make the new engineers of 2k15 batch aware about the latest trending technologies.
  • Meanwhile we had a grand achievement in the form of an industrial visit.first time in the history of YMCAUST. All the club members visited NORISYS. It was a great learning experience.


 Events and Activities (2016- 17):

  • Wired & Wireless Workshop. The workshop was conducted on 10th.11th Sep, 16 in which 70 students participated.
  • Engineer’s Day Celebration.On the Occasion of Engineers Day Samarpan organised a technical cum fun event on 15th September 2016 at the Lal Chowk, YMCA Faridabad. The event marked registrations of around 150+ students in 30+ teams.
  • NAAC Visit.During the NAAC visit from 13th October 2016 to 15th October 2016 members of the club shows number of projects like
  • A AVR based robot able to speak WELCOME TO YMCA and shake hand with the NAAC members.
  • Spider. A spider programmed on Arduino able to walk.
  • Escalator.An escalator which shows the current floor at which it is and changes floors just like normal lifts.
  • And many other projects including Arduino based wireless car, solar charger and robo arm.
  • Industrial Visit.On 19th October 2016 Samarpan club organize industrial visit to THE GOWELL INDUSTRIES .It was planned for 2nd and 3rd year members.It was fun , involving and educating , all at the same time . The company emphasized on PLC and SCADA and enlightened us with the same.
  • Session 1: The club conducted a session on Proteus on 5th Nov,2016 in which 30 students participated.1
  • Session 2: The club conducted a session on Photoshop on 10th Nov,2016 in which 20 students participated.
  • Session 3: The club conducted a session on Resolume arena on 2nd febuary 2017 for the club members.
  • Session 4: The club conducted a session on Vixen on 4th febuary 2017 for the club members.
  • Project Session: sessions on the basics of robots is conducted on all weekdays which starts from 3rd Feb, 17 on the following topics:
  • Arduino basics
  • L293D
  • Bluetooth module(UART Protocol)


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