Students Welfare Cell

The following are the events/activities of the club:





October ‘2016

Club revived


November ’2016

Orientation + Auditions


January ’2017

PCB Designing Workshop


Students from all branches and years were taught PCB Designing using Proteus.

25.26 February ‘2017

Graphical Designing Workshop

It was a 2 day workshop where students were introduced to Adobe Illustrator for graphic designing.

08 March’2017


An internal seminar for club students regarding future career options.

24,25,26 March’2017

Fest Event

Bigg Boss 1.0

Technical cum fun tasks were given to participants who were locked inside Bigg Boss house.

26 March’ 2017

Fest Event

Technical Tambola

Aptitude questions were given to students. Answer of these questions were an integer number between 1.90 and has to be crossed off if present in the ticket.


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