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Women's Day celebration in 2014

When it comes to empowering women, YMCA never lags behind. And it was well proven once again when the college students along with the untiring help of the faculty members celebrated the Women's Day on March 7, 2014 ,a day which falls annually on March 8, as a gesture of their respect for women.

The inception of the programme was with the one on one interaction of the students organising the event with the rest students and teachers of the college on the need for celebrating Women's Day.

And then to grace the event, Hon'ble VC Sir and Worthy Registrar Ma'm delivered their inspiring speeches. A music performance soon followed depicting the torture a woman faces and how she overpowers them.

And the afternoon got a special treat with the ever so heart touching words of Prof. Divyajyoti and with the college's Cultural Head, Mrs. Poonam Singhal being awarded with the Woman of the Day award, signified the selfless affection a woman can have for her work.

The event got another boost when Deepika Gaur and Satish Ray respectively delivered their speech and poem showing the courage and strength of a woman.

And the crowd was also privileged to see a Solo Dance depicting how a woman is oppressed in this world.

And as they say,'Save the best for the last', what was most entangling for the viewers was the Nukkad Natal portraying the true life a woman lives in our patriarchal society and how we can empower this person whom we call mother, sister and daughter.

So all in all, it was a day which again arose the topic of Women Empowerment and truly touched the strings of all the people who witnessed it.

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