M. Tech. I Semester

No. of Credits: 4 Sessional: 40 Marks
L T P Total Theory : 60 Marks
4 0 0 4 Total : 100 Marks
  Duration of Exam: 3 Hours

Introduction to Mechatronics systems and components, Principles of basic electronics – Digital logic, number system logic gates, Sequence logic flip flop system, JK flip flop, D-flip flop.

Microprocessors and their applications – Microcomputer computer structure/microcontrollers, Integrated circuits – signal conditioning processes, various types of amplifiers, low pass and high pass filters.

Sensors –sensors and transducers. Displacement, position proximity sensors , velocity, force sensors. Fluid presence temperature, liquid level and light sensors. Selection of sensors, Actuators, Pneumatic and hydraulic systems, Mechanical actuation system, Electrical actuation system. Other Electrical/Electronic hardware in Mechatronic system

Principles of Electronic system communication, Interfacing, A.D. and D.A. convertors, Software and hardware principles and tools to build mechatronic systems., Basic system models mathematical models, mechanical and other system
Building blocks.

System models – Engg. Systems, rotational, translation, elected mechanical, Hydraulic mechanical system, System Transfer functions, First-second order system in series.

Design and selection of Mechatronics statements namely sensors line encoders and revolvers, stepper and servomotors Ball screws, solenoids, line actuators and controllers with application to CNC system, robots, consumer electronics products etc, Design of a Mechatronic Product using available software CAD packages MATLAB and SIMULINK

Reference books:

1. Mechatronics by W. Bolton, published by Addison Worley Longman Pvt. Ltd., India Brander, Delhi
2. Automation Production System and CIMS by Mikel P Groover, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.

Study Materials and Assignments:

Unit 1

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