M. Tech. III Semester

No. of Credits: 4 Sessional: 40 Marks
L T P Total Theory : 60 Marks
4 0 0 4 Total : 100 Marks
  Duration of Exam: 3 Hours

Quality – Basic concepts, dimensions, economics of quality, quality Gurus.
TQM: Definition, evolution, journey from inspection to TQM, comparison at different stages, dimensions of TQM, TQM viewpoints, reasons for adopting TQM.

Introspection to TQM environment
Sphere of TQM, components of TQM, TQM – Managing Total Quality, Factors affecting TQM environment, Classification and interaction among factors, Researchers’ viewpoint, TQM as a system, steps in TQM implementation, Roadblocks in TQM implementation, Reasons for TQM failure.

Role of soft options in TQM
Hard vs. Soft factors, Role and expectation of employer, employee, customer and supplier from organization and vice versa. Human factors in TQM, Role of top management commitment, work culture, motivation, coordination, attitude, innovation.

Quality initiatives in organizations
Role of tools and techniques in TQM, Classification of tools and techniques – Problem identification, Data analysis, Graphical, Creativity, Company wide.
Brief description of Quality awards – MBNQA, Deming award, European quality award, Australian quality award.

TQM Effectiveness
Impact of TQM, Need and difficulty in measuring TQM effect, Parameters governing effect of TQM and the attributes thereof.

Reference books:

1) “Total Quality Management” by Oakland (Butterworth – Heinamann Ltd.)
2) “Managing for total quality from Deming to Taguchi and SPC” by Logothetis N. (PHI)
3) “Total Quality Control” by Feigenbaum A.V. (MGH)
4) “Total Quality Management” by Besterfield Dale H (Pearson Education)
5) “A slice by slice guide to TQM” by John Gilbert (Affiliated East West Press)
6) “The TQM toolkit – a guide to practical techniques for TQM” by Waller Jenny, Allen Derek and Burna Andrew (Kogan Page)

Note: Each student will review a research paper on TQM as a part of assignment which will carry due weightage.

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